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Kings Park Soccer Club and Smithtown Kickers Unite Expanding Youth Soccer Opportunities on L.I.


June 3, 2023

Long Island, NY: Kings Park Soccer Club and Smithtown Kickers are delighted to announce their groundbreaking partnership, aimed at revolutionizing youth soccer development in our community. By joining forces, these two esteemed clubs have set a new standard for collaboration, creating a wealth of opportunities and pathways for young soccer players in the region.

This partnership represents a bold commitment to the betterment of our local youth soccer landscape. The leadership of the two clubs brings over 100 years of local community experience, a shared philosophy and shared common vision: to provide exceptional training, facilities, and experiences for our young athletes. By pooling our resources, knowledge, and expertise, we can now elevate the level of youth soccer to new heights.

One of the key pillars of this partnership is the sharing of trainers, fields, curriculum, and philosophy. By aligning our coaching methodologies and player development strategies, we ensure a seamless transition for athletes moving between our clubs. The collaboration will foster an environment of consistent and progressive training, resulting in the holistic growth of every player involved.

Moreover, this partnership will enable a unified approach to decision-making and resource allocation. This consolidation of efforts will lead to greater efficiency, enhanced services, and an overall improved experience for players, coaches, and families.

A central objective of this collaboration is to increase pathways for the children of our community. Recognizing the importance of player development, both clubs are committed to providing more opportunities for athletes across all age groups. This ensures that every child has the chance to develop their skills and passion for soccer in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Furthermore, Kings Park has just announced their exciting new Slammers Affiliation as part of this partnership. The Slammers Affiliation offers enhanced player opportunities for children aged U4 and up. This expansion ensures that even our youngest athletes receive the highest quality of coaching and development, nurturing their love for the game from an early age.

Kings Park Soccer Club and Smithtown Kickers are immensely proud to embark on this journey together. By partnering strengths, the two clubs are creating a soccer community that fosters growth, camaraderie, and achievement for all involved. We're excited to witness the positive impact this partnership will have on our young athletes and the broader community.

About Kings Park Soccer Club: Kings Park Soccer Club is a highly respected youth soccer organization based in Long Island, New York. The club is committed to providing a nurturing and competitive environment for young soccer players, promoting excellence both on and off the field.

About Smithtown Kickers: Smithtown Kickers is a renowned soccer club located in Long Island, New York. The club has a rich history of developing talented players and instilling a love for the sport in the hearts of its community members.


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